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What are the steps in the jewelry processing process

The jewelry processing process is complex, not just making mud. Place an order today and want to ship tomorrow. You have to wait slowly to produce perfect accessories. Today, the jewelry editor will talk about the complex process steps behind each piece of exquisite jewelry.

Step 1: Design drawings: The designer first conceptualizes and draws a sketch of the work, and completes the design draft with a pencil and gouache. This process can take as little as a few days, and as much as a few months to finalize.

Step 2: Hand carved wax plate: The craftsman refers to the design drawings to manually carve a wax plate. This is the highest required process in the jewelry production process. The wax plate must be smooth and seamless, with a reasonable structure of each part, and the position and size of the embedded gemstones are accurate and accurate. Depending on the complexity of this process, it can take as little as one or two days, or as much as a few days. This is a delicate task, and now there are fewer and fewer handmade jewelry, with most of them drawn using computer CAD software. However, for some jewelry with special shapes or animal shapes, it is still advisable to choose a good craftsman to manually carve and wax the plate, as the carved items have a sense of texture.

Step 3: Invert the ancient lost wax casting method and make the wax mold into an 18K ring. If it is mass production, then the front wax plates will be made into silver plates and pressed into adhesive films to produce wax molds in bulk!

Step 4: The execution of the mold is all done manually, using a special calender to push back and forth on the surface of the jewelry. This process requires certain techniques and techniques.

Step 5: According to the jewelry design, manually sort diamonds or gemstones, select suitable colors, cuts, and sizes to match, and prepare for inlay.

Step 6: Embedding gemstones, hand inlaying each diamond and gemstone is a technical task.

Step 7: Polishing, electroplated to further polish the metal surface and details. Some jewelry needs to be electroplated to make its surface smoother!

Step 8: Quality inspection checks the finished jewelry. If it is not qualified, it must be returned to the previous process and remade.

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