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How long is the processing cycle for stainless steel jewelry?

The biggest headache for many customers looking for stainless steel jewelry processing is the processing cycle, which is often caused by delays in the bulk production cycle, resulting in varying degrees of losses. So let’s talk about how long is the processing cycle of stainless steel jewelry? I believe this is also a question that many people want to know.

The length of stainless steel jewelry processing cycle is mainly determined by the number and complexity of jewelry processing processes. Taking our Xinlong Titanium Jewelry Factory as an example, our processing processes include design, mold opening, sampling, cutting, polishing, oil dripping, carving, corrosion, electroplating, assembly, and so on. The customer’s needs vary, and the processing processes used may not necessarily be all used. Normally, our stainless steel jewelry processing cycle is 3 days for sample production and 7 days for shipment, which is very fast.

If the quantity is relatively large, our Xinlong Titanium Jewelry Factory will provide customers with an accurate processing cycle based on the difficulty of the product and the factory’s schedule, so that they can be mentally prepared and not suffer losses due to delayed delivery. When encountering customers who are in a hurry, we can also adjust the factory schedule appropriately and try to help customers dry up in advance, which is a guarantee in case of emergencies. So customers don’t have to worry about cycle issues at all. Of course, we will not slack off in terms of quality. We will communicate one-on-one throughout the entire process to let customers know the processing situation in a timely manner, in order to face different situations.

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