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How to distinguish the quality of an accessory

There are various types of popular jewelry, including materials, colors, quality, etc., and the quality of the products produced by each jewelry factory is also different. And many consumers are very concerned about a problem: the jewelry they buy back doesn’t take long to wear and various quality issues appear. So how do you distinguish the quality of an accessory? Today, the editor of Xinlong Titanium will have a brief chat with everyone.


The experience of jewelry manufacturers tells us that the quality of a piece of jewelry can be measured in terms of material, workmanship, electroplating, diamonds, accessories, etc.


When looking at the quality of a product, people first look at the material. They believe that valuable materials and processed jewelry must have high quality, but this is actually a wrong idea. Although the materials are different, the processing technology will also be different, and the results of the products produced will also be different. But low-end materials can also be used to make high-end jewelry, and whether the material is valuable can only determine the price after processing.


After reading the materials, we have a rough idea in our minds about the quality of the product. After reading the materials, we need to look at the workmanship of the product. The first thing we need to look at is the overall polishing effect of the product, and how about the color of the electroplating? A good product’s overall electroplated surface has a mirror reflection effect, and the surface looks very smooth and flat. This kind of workmanship must be achieved in order for this product to be considered as a mid to high-end quality.


After seeing the electroplating and polishing effect, we need to look at the accessories on the product, such as whether the diamond is smooth in workmanship, whether the diamond’s brightness is good, and whether some other accessories have defects. From these accessories, we can see how the overall quality of the product is.


To achieve high-quality products, it is necessary to find a legitimate jewelry manufacturer to produce them. Both the workmanship and materials used are quite meticulous.

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