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How to choose silver jewelry

I believe everyone is very familiar with silver jewelry. Generally, you only need to go to a gold and silver jewelry store to see a lot. Moreover, pure silver jewelry gives people a cold and beautiful appearance, which is very fashionable, so it is loved by many young people who pursue fashion. Should I buy it this way? As a jewelry OEM manufacturer with 20 years of experience, today we will introduce you to the purchasing guide and precautions for pure silver jewelry. Let’s take a look together.


1、 Classification of silver.

1) Foot silver

This type of silver has a silver content of no less than 990, which is called pure silver. Due to its soft material, it is not easy to create jewelry shapes and is prone to wear, oxidation, and blackening. So it is not suitable for jewelry making.

2) Grain silver

This type of silver with a silver content of no less than 925 is called grain silver. The composition of this silver is 92.5% silver, mixed with 7.5% copper. To make this silver more shiny, it will be coated with a layer of white.


2、 Identification of silver jewelry.

1) Imprint

Generally, silver jewelry requires the abbreviation of silver. For example, s925.s990, of course, there are also many countries that do not print silver markings.

2) Color

The higher the purity of pure silver, the whiter the color of silver, and the surface of the jewelry made is also evenly shiny and polished. If silver contains lead, then jewelry will appear cyan gray; If it contains copper, the surface texture will be very rough.

3) Weight

Silver is usually denser than metals. There is a saying that aluminum is light, silver is heavy. Copper is neither light nor heavy. Weighing by hand can give a preliminary idea of the weight. Ornaments are large in size and light in weight, and may be made of metal.

4) Hardness

Generally, silver has a lower hardness than copper. If you want to know its hardness, you can use a pin to draw under the jewelry. It is difficult to leave traces on the surface. It is possible that copper jewelry, like physical objects, leaves traces but is not obvious, so this may be silver.

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